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Sell to us

  • Need cash and have something you want to sell? We can offer you the highest $$ quickly and easily
  • Have jewelry from old romances and scrap gold from long ago?  we buy all gold and platinum jewelry old, ugly, unwanted and broken.
  • We are licensed and expertly trained
  • We strive to give you the money you need.
  • Watches, Diamonds, Estate, Vintage, Gold, Platinum, Sterling Flatware, Designer Silver and more.
  • All purchases and inquires are handled professionally and confidentially. Our polite staff will treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • Our clients are from all walks of life and always get our respect and understanding

How to sell

  • Bring your item in and discuss how much you would like to sell it for
  • Let us establish a price that satisfies your needs.  It only takes a few minutes for our staff to research and investigate your item and let us buy it from you.  
  • You must bring 2 valid ID's to sell anything to our store.  It only takes a few minutes for us to write it up
  • Cash paid easily and discretely

Cash loans

*Need cash till your paycheck?  *  Need quick gas money?  *  Need cash for an unexpected bill  *  Need a safe storage place for you valuables while your on vacation?  *  Need a loan to make Payroll?  *  Loan for you business needs  *  Quick cash for an investment?  *

 Sounds like you need a Pawnbroker!

  • Come in and talk to our experts about the money you need to borrow and bring in your collateral (ie; jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds,electronics)
  • We work hard to match your loan amount and exceed your expectation on how easy and painless a loan can be. We have over 60 years of loan experience and are extremely and overly organized with the small and largest of loans.   Our loans are straight forward with no hidden fees. 
  • Using 2 valid ID's we can easily and immediately get you cash for our loan. 
  • We offer 4 month loans. Your loan will be secured for up to 4 months.  This is the longest duration in the area.  Much exceeding DC law!
  • NO Waiting period. All pawns are available for pick up as soon as you desire. You can pick up you merchandise immediately
  • The cost of our loans are 5% per month or any part of a month with a two dollar minimum. This rate is the lowest in the area and can't be beat.  This is why our customers use us in case of emergencies for their short term loans for generations.  New customers are always shocked how low are rates are and want to know why.  Our clients deserve the best rate around and affordable loans.  What is the point of a loan if its not easy to pay off?  We are here to help you through a financial hiccup and make it easy.
  • We understand how personal and important your jewelry is and we keep it secure and safe until you come back to retrieve you property. Your goods are safe with us. 
  • Redemptions are easy to make using cash.

What you need to bring

  • Please bring at least 2 forms of ID to get a loan from us. 
  • Your collateral
  • About 10 minutes of your time









*1726 14th Street NW * Washington DC 20009 * (202) 332-2522 *